I am in Finland to find ways to make our planet better place.

〔also, to enjoy my everyday life with Moomin : ) 〕

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Elements of a great day

I had a great day today. I cannot stop smiling looking at the pictures I took today and remembering what I did today. I had many conversations today. 1.I talked with a girl who wants to come to Helsinki next period via zoom (I gave her some advice. She was so kind and cheerful ),Continue reading “Elements of a great day”

Tips for writing essays

Through writing a ton of essays, I found some tips to write it efficiently. I want to write it down here to help whoever going to write essays. Here we go! 1.Make a schedule First of all, writing essays proceed like this: Understand the topic of the essay. Find materials to read. Read materials TakeContinue reading “Tips for writing essays”

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