Tips for writing essays

I always treat myself with sweets after I submit essays.

Through writing a ton of essays, I found some tips to write it efficiently. I want to write it down here to help whoever going to write essays. Here we go!

1.Make a schedule

First of all, writing essays proceed like this:

  1. Understand the topic of the essay.
  2. Find materials to read.
  3. Read materials
  4. Take notes while reading. i.e. what you thought through reading it. Also, write down what you understand in your own words definitely helps understanding the material deeply.
  5. Decide specific topics (Usually I hit upon an idea while or after reading the materials.)
  6. Make a format of the essay. (including references)
  7. Make a draft in a list.
  8. Put it into full sentences.
  9. Review and revise it.

I learned that using as much time as possible for 3 and 4 leads to a better essay. Consider how many days left and how long you can use your time on the essay, and make a schedule doing from 1 to 9.

2.Give it time

Writing essays is usually not a easy work. I suggest you suppose 10hours for 500words essay. (This criteria is for me at least.) Also, it is always good way to start working on it when you still have plenty of time before the deadline. Starting it on the due date definitely make you less motivated and feel pressed. Ten days before the dead line will be wonderful, and even from a day before made you definitely less feel pressed, compared to starting it on the morning of the due date.

3.Concentrate on it

Concentrating is the matter. Here are some tips to concentrate on the works;

  • Concentrate on the work for 20minutes, and rest for a minute. This is the best cycle for me. ( I guess this cycle varies from people to people )
  • Stand up. Stand up and put your laptop on the high shelf. This is sometimes hard, but you find you are concentrated on your work more than when you are sitting in front of the desk.
  • Don’t check social media while the working time. Looking at social media absolutely disturb you from concentrating on the work. Turn the notification off, put your iPhone some where far from your desk or shelf.

4.Have a rest constantly

Here I write down a list of how to rest:

  • Walk. Walking around definitely helps concentrating on the work. Going grocery store for 20min is excellent, but just stand up and go to the bathroom is enough for the concentration.
  • Eat well. Eat three meals. Too much hunger leads to irritation. In addition I recommend you to have a neat meal even though you are busy for the essay. Going restaurant is also nice. Sometimes you hit upon a idea while eating or on the way to the restaurant.
  • Drink water for thirst. Eat fruits for snacks. Writing essays is stressful. You need to eat something to ease the stress. However, eating unhealthy stuffs while writing essay absolutely leads you to have stomatitis and acnes afterwards. Also, taking too much sugar prevents you from concentrating on. I suggest you to have water and fruits instead of coke and cookies at least when you are working on your essay.
  • Sleep. Sleep for a while definitely recovers the energy to concentrate on and made your brain clear. Just closing your eyes for 3min is also effective.

5.Treat yourself

When you finished your work, treat yourself. Great job! Go to bed as early as you can.

In the next day, you may go and get cookies or go to cafe to have your favorite cake. The first bite after working hard is always wonderful. ( I once went got cookies right after I submit the report, at a.m.2:00. It was fun, but it didn’t satisfied me since I was too tired and that the cookies led to a stomachache at the end : D )

Those are the all tips I found so far that makes you concentrated on the essays. I hope this will be any help for you and me, in the near future!

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