Elements of a great day

A man was skating on the ice with special stuff!

I had a great day today. I cannot stop smiling looking at the pictures I took today and remembering what I did today.

I had many conversations today. 1.I talked with a girl who wants to come to Helsinki next period via zoom (I gave her some advice. She was so kind and cheerful ), and 2.talked with my mother via WhatsApp about how has everything been these days. 3.Then I went Japanese restaurant with my Finnish friends, and talked about Japanese and Finnish stereotypes, which was interesting! 4.After that, I joined zoom meeting which was held by my friends from high school. It was first time in three years that all of the member of my friend’s group meet at once! Although it was online, I was happy to know how are they doing these days. 5.Then, I did a Language Exchange with another Finnish woman. We talked about mangas and drawings, which was fun! Closing the meeting, I took a nap since I was bit tired. 6.And wake up to find my partner was online on WhatsApp, so we talked via it and shared a lot of jokes.

It was fun! I don’t mind if something went wrong and today would be repeated tomorrow again.

These days, I’m wondering what “A Great day” is made up of. I guess elements are a good weather, conversation with close friends, try to do a bit hard thing, and have great meals.

I cannot control weathers, but at least I can chose people to meet (I mean, it is always okay to refuse the invitation if you think it won’t be comfortable for you. At least when the invitation is just for fun), what to do, and what to eat on the day. I guess I can make a good day by myself in some ways.

Having good time is essential part to live a life. Of course there are good times and bad times through our lives. We cannot live without bad times. However, having some good times gives you energy to wait until the bad times go away.

I know upcoming days might contain some tough times, but I’d like to continue living my life joyfully with my favourite friends, works and foods.

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