This is about my daily life, Japan, and tips I found to live happily.

Spring is coming

Today, I worked on some assignments and studies in the morning, and then went for walking with one of my friend. We joked around as always and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries which were telling us spring is coming. Spring is coming. That’s is something happy to know, but also a bit sad to know. ThatContinue reading “Spring is coming”

A night ride

I felt like I haven’t done anything meaningful today, so I decided to do a night ride at 9 pm. It was great to run through the forest under the stars. It became one of the unforgettable experiences in Finland.

Sunny days

I’m definitely enjoying my life these days. Having walk with friends under the good weather, feeling spring is in the air. There is good times and bad times in my life as others’ do, and I’d like to be contented experiencing both of them.


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